Tuesday, February 1, 2011


In today’s dating reality most relationships are only temporary. We begin dating with the exciting feeling that this new person could be “the one”. Ultimately we settle into the reality that they are just another one; someone alright to be with until we find the one.

In the mean time we use that person for whatever they can do to benefit us. The time in between recognizing the person we are dating is not the one and finding the one is “the mean time”. The mean time is where we are relatively mean or heartless to the person we are dealing with because we know there is no real chance for lasting love. But we use them because we need someone to be with “in the mean time”. We need someone to fulfill certain needs that we have so we carry this person in a certain type of bag based on what they can do for us. Both men and women have various bags which they carry someone in that they may like but don’t really love.

So, the question is: What is your relationship bag? What bag have you placed the person you are currently seeing in? More importantly, what bag have they placed you in? The list below may help you recognize which trick bag you’ve been placed in.

Mail Bag – a woman who he can stay with or have his mail sent to her house after another woman or his mama kicked him out.

Gym Bag – a woman who he pretends to care for but he is only playing the something better game. That is, he will use her for sex until something better comes along. At the end of the season she makes it to the play offs. But that is when he tries to play her off so that he can play with someone else.

Money Bag – a woman who will give him money, buy him clothes, pay his car note, etc.

Laundry Bag – a woman who will cook for him, clean his house, do his laundry, run errands, etc.

Travel Bag – a woman that he is cheating on his wife or woman with that lives in another city or town.

Garbage Bag – a woman who will let him do every little dirty or nasty thing sexually to her that his wife or woman won’t do.

Duffel Bag – a woman who pressures him to take her out in public but he takes her to places where no one who knows him will be able to see him with her.

Make-up Bag – a guy who she really can’t stand but loves to have sex with. They always fight but she lets him come back to her because he puts down the make-up sex just like she likes it.

Overnight Bag – a guy that she picked up, used for the night, and discarded before daylight. It can also be a guy who she allows to spend the night, but he has to be gone by morning.

Clutch Bag – a guy she has been holding on to that she knows has another woman. But she lets him keep seeing her on the side hoping one day that he will be all hers.

Shoulder Bag – a guy who she goes to when she is feeling hurt that won’t try to take advantage of her or who she can lean on during tough times.

Doggie Bag – a guy who she uses to take her to dinner and movies.

Gift Bag – a guy who is usually a little nerdy that is sweet to her and likes to give her gifts. Every now and then she gives him a little gift of sex to keep him on the hook.

Shopping Bag – a guy who is usually much older and married that she will get money from to shop, pay for vacations, bills, etc.

Once we recognize that we have been placed in a relationship bag, the best thing to do is to get out of it quickly and quietly. The person already knows what they were doing so there is no need to let them know that you know. Just tell them that you can’t see them anymore but leave them guessing as to why. The two rules for holding the upper hand when leaving a bad relationship are: 1) leave first; 2) never let’em see you hurt.

In the discussion thread below, let me know if you recognize that you have been placed in a relationship bag and what you intend to do now that you know.

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