Wednesday, September 19, 2012

How to Win a Man’s Heart

When you think of a man's heart, ladies, you have to think of it in 3 contexts: the heart of the man, the heart of the mind, and the heart of the matter. Most people think about the heart in its 4th context which is the physical heart or blood pump. The physical heart is simply an organ that has no ability to think, decide or contain emotion. Therefore, contrary to what most people think or believe, the physical heart is not the heart of the man a woman should try to win.

The heart of the matter is something men are powerfully oriented toward. When there is a problem issue or decision to be made, we want to get to the bottom line quickly. Not to be crass but this is the reason why a man will try to get a woman to have sex with him soon after meeting her. He is oriented toward getting to her "bottom" quickly. When a woman is trying to lead a man to make a decision, or win him over to her way of thinking, she has to give him concise information (just the facts ma’am) that will help him get to the heart of the matter. Too much verbiage makes a man turn away or want to run way.

The heart of the mind is a man's process center; the place where he makes all of his decisions and the place where he both discovers and stores his "feelings". If you ever ask a man what he "thinks" about a particular subject, he will often preface his response with "I feel...” A man's feelings begin in the heart of his mind not the heart in his chest. If a woman suddenly asks a man "Do you love me?”, he has to first think about it for a minute... or two... or three before he responds. The way that a man "feels" about a woman is strongly correlated with how he "thinks" about her.

Now, women often get angry due to this delayed response and basically say: “Never mind, if you had to think about it that long, don’t worry about it!” Then, they start plotting to leave or look for the next man. The problem here is not entirely his fault. She shares the blame because she never made him or gave him a reason to think about how he feels about her. When men are in a relationship and everything is good he rarely thinks about the future or where the relationship is going as long as it is going good. That is how the average man is wired. Since women are wired to think about the future she has to make sure that he is thinking about having a future with her. She has to be certain that he is not playing the “something better” game. That is, just being with her until something better comes along. The only way to be sure that you are secure in a man’s heart is to get inside of his head.

"They" say the way to a man's heart is through is stomach. THEY are rarely right and THEY are wrong about this one too. The way to a man's heart is through his head. If a woman wants a man to value, desire, and or adore her, she has to get him to think about her. In order to capture a man’s heart, ladies, you have to get into the heart of his mind. The more you get him to think about you the deeper his feelings will become for you. Once you get into the heart of his mind, you will never have to worry about him sharing his d!(% with another chick.

The heart of the man is his "spirit", the real him, his inner nature or inner being. His spirit is the source from which his character and qualities are derived and the place wherein he communicates with GOD. The spirit of a man is his sanctuary. This is where a woman ultimately wants to be. In the warmth of his spirit is where she can rest in peace, comfort and safety because she knows who he really is and what he will and won’t do. Merging of the spirits is how the two actually become one. When a woman has become one with a man in spirit, she no longer has to worry if she can trust him because now she is him and he is her.

In order for a woman to completely win a man’s heart she has to become the only one he thinks of and become one with him in spirit. Then, she will be the only thing in his heart that matters.