Tuesday, January 11, 2011


The chief struggle that couples have to endure in marriage is with change. Getting married is a one day event whereas becoming married is a process that takes three to five years to complete depending on a couple’s willingness to change. The longer it takes to change from being single the longer it will take to convert to being married.

Getting married is easy. Anybody can get married but not everybody can become married because they are unwilling to change. Whenever we go before an altar it implies change because the word altar means: to change. Couples who fuss or argue through the process of becoming married are said to be “going through changes”.

Couples who get married must go through 7 tough processes in order to be married and remain married. Those processes are:

Change – couples that want to become married must be willing to change their minds and ways from being single to being married.

Sacrifice – a married person must eliminate their connection to many of the people, places, activities, and things associated with their single life in order to make a successful transition into married life.

Service – married couples must be willing to serve one another. Proper service requires communication because you must know what to do, how to do it, and when to do it in order to serve your spouse.

Exposure – a married person cannot hide their personal secrets. To be married you must reveal what you are hiding because your spouse is going to eventually find out.

Pressure – a married person can no longer think like a single person; only of their self. One’s thoughts must only be concerned with the care and comfort of their spouse.

Endurance – the pressure of the change process will prepare you to prosper. A piece of coal has to endure pressure in order to become a diamond. Enduring the pressure of change causes a couple to become one which will make you more valuable than two.

Fulfillment – after a couple makes the transition from getting married into being married, they can begin to pursue purpose or to fulfill the mission that GOD put them together to complete.

Becoming married is simply a series of changes. Remaining married is tough because tribulation always precedes elevation. Couples must endure the tribulations of change so they can become married, arise in life, and prosper as one.

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