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This is another blog that was prompted by responses I received from some people on Facebook concerning a statement I made “A man that does not read cannot lead.” The feminists popped back with their usual rhetoric questioning WHY is it the man’s role to lead the woman.
I often wonder what the obsession with people on Facebook is in trying to make every issue apply to both genders. Life outside of FB does not work that way. GOD made women and men different for a reason. There is a reason men and women are called the “opposite” sex.
Here's a Muppet News Flash: Men and women are NOT the same. They were built and designed by GOD to be different and to perform different roles in the family. Perhaps the zeal to BE the SAME as men is the problem liberated women are having with maintaining relationships with men.
Of course men, in modern times, have issues in relationships with women that are a direct result of a lack of knowledge due largely to not having a father in their formative years. However, women got suckered by the feminist movement into the desire to be LIKE men. In the process it has had a powerfully negative effect on the nation's families in general and the black community's in particular.
GOD instituted the Women's Movement that was designed to bring HIS daughters out of oppression; to give them equal pay for equal work and so on. Its mantra was "We want to be treated EQUALLY with men." In the midst of GOD’s movement, the devil influenced other women to institute the Women's Liberation Movement. The Liberation Movement was designed to FREE women to do anything that a man could do. Its mantra was "We want to be treated LIKE men". Being treated like a woman according to the feminists was "degrading". This is the reason some women didn’t want men to open doors for them, help them with their coat, etc. These women were following feminist ideals that were in reality designed by the devil. Consequently, women began doing everything LIKE men from chain smoking, excessive drinking and drugging to having uncommitted sex and so on.
The man’s role in the sight of GOD is to protect the woman but the adversary found a way to “liberate” women and move them and their children away from the protection of men. Now, 1 in every 4 girls are raped or molested before age 18. GOD said in 1 Peter 3:7 that a man should "treat" (re: protect) the woman AS (or like she is) the weaker vessel. GOD did not say the woman IS a weaker vessel. HE said the man has a duty to protect the woman as IF she is a weaker vessel. Why, because the devil has been out to destroy the woman from the beginning.
When GOD told the devil (in Genesis 3:15) that HE was going to put "enmity" (intense ill will) between him and the woman and that the "seed of the woman would bruise his head", he has been afraid of women. Fear makes one desire to destroy their enemies. Thus, the devil has been trying to destroy all women ever since. He knows that the child of a woman is going to bruise his head but he doesn't know which woman. Therefore, he has been trying to destroy all women and their children.
Since the Liberation Movement, the devil has enjoyed great success in destroying women and children through the destruction of the family. The devil effectively eliminated the protection that GOD provided for women and children: the man. He crafted a cleaver way to chase men out of the home and it has left women and children to defend themselves alone. Since the feminist movement the incidence of rape, murder and abuse of women has been unparalleled in comparison to any other time in history. The same is true for child molestation, rape and murder.
The enemy cleverly maneuvered women into a catch-22 position that makes them feel dammed if they do or dammed if they don’t. The same vessel that GOD designed to protect women, the enemy found a way to effectively use them as instruments to help him destroy women. The thing that some women don't know and refuse to accept when it is presented to them is how they helped the enemy in turning the men against them.
The average woman does not understand the nature of a boy which is why a boy must have a man, that is, his own daddy, in authority over his life. Boys, young men and adult sized males bitter and angry over being raised by a mother who was sexually promiscuous and who exposed them to many men that they couldn’t protect her from have grown to devalue women.  The average man who consistently abuses women has a problem with his mother.
The abusive man's mom often spent too much time taking care of or being with a man or men that he did not like. Little boys who encounter strange men know, even at age 1 or 2, they are vulnerable. Many little boys will try to defend their mom from attack by a man up to around age 5 or until they learn fear. Once they learn fear they will sit in a corner and cry as she is being attacked. But those tears mean that the boy is angry that she put him in a position where he could do nothing to protect her. There is nothing worse that can happen in a male’s development into manhood than to make him feel powerless as a boy.
The devil utilizes this anger that adult sized males have against their mommies to influence them to abuse other women who remind them of their moms. They will “pretend” to dote on or have a good relationship with their mother because they know it is considered taboo in society to not like or love one’s mother. However, they secretly hate her. A man who really loves his mother could never hurt another woman. It is hard for real men to look at another woman and not be reminded of his mother, sisters or daughters in some way. If a man hurts women outside of his family, it means he secretly wants to do the same thing to women inside his family.
Were there problems between men and women, mothers and sons, prior to the feminist movement? Yes, but those issues would also arise out of broken or abusive families. These problems never occurred to the degree that we have seen in modern times because we didn’t have broken or abusive families to the degree we have seen since the feminist movement.
Now, to provide evidence of why the blame can be laid at the feet of the feminist movement I direct you to look at the condition of the two groups of women who are still staunchly following that movement: black women and poor white women.

Rich and wealthy women abandoned the feminist movement a long time ago because they realized that following its ideals leads to divorce and drives their children into poverty. Black women and poor white women are the ones still following the movement therefore THEY are the ones who have the highest rates of children born out of wedlock, the highest rates of children in poverty, the lowest rates of marriage, the highest rates of divorce, the highest rates of co-habitation, the highest rates of co-habitation break-ups and so on. Even when they are just living with a man, they can’t seem to stay with a man. Why?

Well, one reason is because men don’t have their act together in terms of having the knowledge on how to be a man and to provide for as well as lead a family. However, it is primarily when times get tough in the process of building a relationship, that women allow the “ideals” of the feminist movement to guide their decisions in dealing with that man. They buy into mantras like “I can do bad by myself” which often leads their relationships to dissolve.
Women fell into the trap of the feminist movement and they have been falling in value in the eyes of the men who are supposed to love and protect them ever since. Women have been giving their bodies away like cheap Kleenex yet they expect a man to place a high value on what they got for free. Since women have become “like men” the devil has been utilizing the same tools to destroy them that he used to destroy men: power, money and sex.
Every scandal that brought men of notoriety to their knees publically, from Bill Clinton and Elliott Spitzer to Bernie Madoff, usually involved power, money and sex to some degree. Now that women are 52% of the American population, 54% of registered voters and 53% of the workforce they have the power to elect a female president anytime they get ready and it also means women control nearly half of the money in the American economy. Since women decide who they will or won’t have sex with they are in control of all of the sex. Women have the power, money and sex. However, the devil uses those strengths, as weapons, to destroy them. The sad thing is women don’t seem to have a clue that this is happening to them. Most women know that they have the power, money and sex advantage over men but seem to be clueless as to why they can’t build a happy family.  

Women! You have been subtly trained and conditioned by the enemy to not listen to a man. However, I am not your enemy. My job is to do as GOD instructed which is to protect you. The only way I can do that from a distance is to supply you with knowledge that you can use to repair your relationships with men so that you can have a man to do what GOD designed him to do. If you reject this knowledge you do so to your own peril. GOD said in Hosea 4:6 “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge…”
“…because you have rejected knowledge, I will also reject you… I will also reject your children.”
Since women have largely been rejecting knowledge from men (believe me, I really understand why you have been doing it), GOD has been rejecting women and their children. Both men and women have to repent so that we can stop the escalating violence against women and children.

Men! You are not off the hook in this because you have rejected knowledge too. My books and CDs contain ALL the knowledge you need to be the king and priest of your home. They will teach you all you need to know, from the Word of GOD, about how to live your life, love your wife and raise your children. It is the TRUTH, not the nonsense preachers have been teaching. However, because you too have rejected knowledge GOD said in that same Hosea 4:6 verse “…you shall be no priest to me seeing that you have forgotten the Law of your GOD.” Men have a duty to get the knowledge they need from GOD on how to properly raise a family. I have labored in the face of GOD to collect this knowledge for you and organized it in a book so that you won’t have to dig it all out yourself.
Please understand that I am just trying to sell books. I am doing the work of GOD and fulfilling the mission that GOD placed on my life.

To accept this knowledge, which will improve as well as protect your life, all you have to do is go to my website and you will find Relationships 911: Surviving Love's Emergencies. You can download it to your phone, kindle, ipod, ipad, computer or other ereader device.

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