Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Psychology Today Magazine published an article entitled: Why Are AA Women Physically Less Attractive than Other Women? The conclusion it proposes is that Black women have higher levels of testosterone than other women.

First, there is nothing more physically attractive or beautiful on the planet than a Black woman. The Black woman is a living breathing work of art. Along with the 7 wonders of the world she is an example of GOD’s mastery of artistry.

However, let's assume the Psychology Today hypothesis has SOME merit. Every effective lie must contain SOME truth otherwise no one would ever believe it. I think we should critically examine that hypothesis in conjunction with this question: Is the Black woman's proclamation of being "strong" and "independent",  which are traditionally "male" characteristics, and their general aggressiveness toward Black males the result of a higher level of testosterone?

Something is driving an inordinate number of Black women to take the strong independent stance as compared to White and Hispanic women.  Every human, animal and vegetable adjusts and adapts to the stressors placed on it by its environment and develops defenses to help them survive in that environment. Is it possible that since Black women have had to assume traditional male roles of providing for and protecting their families it has forced them to adapt to that stress by becoming more aggressive? Is it possible that adapting to the stress of being more aggressive has resulted in an increase in testosterone?

Every woman has testosterone in her body for a reason. GOD placed it there to help her adapt to situations of physical stress but it is designed to subside once the stressor is removed. Since Black women are constantly subjected to physical stressors daily in today’s society that were only experienced by men in previous generations could it be that their testosterone levels are raised constantly?

We already know scientifically that there is a direct correlation between poverty and obesity. In addition to the improper diets and lack of exercise associated with poverty, the stress of poverty can activate cortisol which is a hormone that, among other things, causes fat to accumulate around the belly. We know that the body’s hormones levels rise and fall depending on the stressors placed on it. So is it too farfetched to believe that women who are nearly forced to experience stresses traditionally experienced by men would not have their testosterone levels become elevated just like men in the same situations?

Elevated levels of testosterone over long periods of time lead to high blood pressure and heart disease, which at one time, was the leading cause of death in men. Now heart attack is increasingly becoming the number one cause of death among women next to cancer. While it is absurd that Black women are less attractive physically than other women the theory concerning elevated testosterone making them less attractive to men psychologically has SOME merit.

I wish there was a simple way to explain the psychological attraction rejection process. That process is regulated by our olfactory senses on a subconscious level that lead us to be attracted to or repulsed by another person’s presence. Hormones in a micro mist are excreted through our breath and skin that are picked up through the nose of a person we are near which lead that person to either become attracted to or repulsed by us.

Straight men are repulsed by high levels of testosterone excreted by women. This explains why most REAL men are turned off by aggressive women. Real men are highly attracted to high levels of estrogen in women. When men sense a high level of testosterone or aggression in a woman they believe that they will have a problem dealing with her over time. It will be like having to deal with another dude. Two dudes make dodo so there will always be some $hit.

Therefore, black women are, in my opinion, more attractive physically than other women but the stressors of their environment have caused them to have to have elevated testosterone and lower estrogen. Consequently, Black women are perceived on the sensory level to be less attractive psychologically. Right or wrong, fair or unfair, this is the state of affairs we are living with. Thus, the state of relationships between Black men and women are at a tragic low. This state will never change until MEN assume their proper roles and take the responsibility and stress off women for having to provide for and protect their families. http://www.drwill911.com/

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